Ronnie R. Riles Sr. is from Houston, Texas, the oldest of 4 sons and a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He founded Endtime Warrior Records and opened the Blood Washed Digital Studio in 2008.  His first CD entitled "Bad Boys Need God Too" was his debut project and did very well.  His new project entitled "Ronnie R. Riles Sr. presents Family and Friends Praising God" was released in late October, 2012. 

Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is Ronnie's heartbeat and he is doing that through his music and the preached word.  Ronnie traveled the country for 12 years as a fulltime national evangelist.  With no church offering funding or an organization, he ministered by faith and trusted God to provide, and God did just that.  You will hear a lot of scripture in his songs and that is done purposely as to expose all listeners to truth.  The truth is in God's divine word.  Ronnie loves all people and has a burden to bless the saints of God as well as reach those who don't know Jesus Christ.  This music is stirring and passionate and will bless the hearers.